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A flat-Earther's plan to launch himself in a homemade rocket just hit a speed bump

A California man who planned to launch himself 1,800 feet high Saturday in a homemade scrap-metal rocket — in an effort to prove that Earth is flat — ... - Washington Post - 8 hours ago

Here are Amazon's 5 best-selling Black Friday deals – did you get them all?

Black Friday 2017 is winding down, and what a sale it& s been so far. It& s not even over yet — in fact you still have over 6 hours on the East Coast ... - BGR - 5 hours ago

What Was The Strange Noise In Colorado?

A loud and strange boom-like noise was heard in parts of Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth in Colorado on Monday. The residents were rather c... - ValueWalk - 7 hours ago

Houseflies Are More Capable of Spreading Disease Than We Realized

It& s never a nice feeling to watch a fly land on your next bite of food, but as new research shows, you may be justified in wanting to toss that deli... - Gizmodo - 8 hours ago

Loss of the night: Light pollution rising rapidly on a global scale

CNN Artificial lighting at night is contributing to an alarming increase in light pollution, both in amount and in brightness, affecting places all o... - CNN - a day ago

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon: The Definitive 3DS Pokemon Experience

With the recent release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we take a look at the new features and improvements that have been made. Produced in partn... - GameSpot - a day ago

FIFA 18 Black Friday 2017 Deals: The Sales For PS4, Switch, Xbox One, And PC Versions

Many of this year& s biggest game releases will be on sale this Black Friday, including the latest soccer game from EA, FIFA 18. While the title launc... - GameSpot - 16 hours ago

25 Best 'Black Friday' 2017 Ad Deals: Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target And Walmart

Black Friday 2017 is here and while I& ve highlighted some of the Star Buys and real stinkers from Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target and Walmart, now it... - Forbes - 9 hours ago

Mission to Mars: Budweiser Sending Barley to Red Planet to Make Outer Space Beer for Humans

Although humans have yet to set foot on Mars, Budweiser is already planning what astronauts will drink when they eventually do. In March, the company ... - Newsweek - 11 hours ago

NASA goes back to the middle ages for its rover tire design

The Mars Curiosity rover has been a big success, but NASA& s modern tech couldn& t save its tires from breaking down in the harsh conditions of Mars. ... - Engadget - 7 hours ago

Giant Asteroid to Shave Earth's Orbit Next Month: Here's Why NASA Labels It 'Potentially Hazardous'

3200 Phaethon is an asteroid measuring about 3 miles across that roams our galaxy, passing in and out of planetary orbits on its journey. Next month, ... - Newsweek - 6 hours ago

The maker of Pokémon Go just raised $200 million to build other AR games

Pokemon Go festival People play Pokémon Go during the Pikachu Outbreak event hosted by The Pokémon Company on August 9, 2017 in Japan. Getty. Niantic,... - Business Insider - 7 hours ago

There's one iPhone X feature the Galaxy S9 will reportedly steal, and you're going to love it

The Galaxy S9 is supposed to be a mild update compared to its predecessors, a variety of reports claim. The handset will keep the Galaxy S8 design in ... - BGR - 15 hours ago

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Why Victoria's Secret Is Wanin victoria secret

victoria secret

Why Victoria's Secret Is Waning

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TRUMP: I 'took a pass' at being named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

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