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A flat-Earther's plan to launch himself in a homemade rocket just hit a speed bump

A California man who planned to launch himself 1,800 feet high Saturday in a homemade scrap-metal rocket — in an effort to prove that Earth is flat — ... - Washington Post - 8 hours ago

Bird gets lost at sea, accidentally spawns an entire new species on a remote island

If you get lost at sea and find yourself on an island you& d probably try to build a fire, pile some sticks and stones into a makeshift home and maybe... - BGR - 7 hours ago

Loss of the night: Light pollution rising rapidly on a global scale

CNN Artificial lighting at night is contributing to an alarming increase in light pollution, both in amount and in brightness, affecting places all o... - CNN - a day ago

Mysterious Booms Heard In Colorado Leave Residents Baffled

A series of mysterious boom-like noise, which has been heard in various parts of the United States, has left both residents and authorities baffled. E... - Tech Times - 17 hours ago

Giant Asteroid to Shave Earth's Orbit Next Month: Here's Why NASA Labels It 'Potentially Hazardous'

3200 Phaethon is an asteroid measuring about 3 miles across that roams our galaxy, passing in and out of planetary orbits on its journey. Next month, ... - Newsweek - 6 hours ago

Mission to Mars: Budweiser Sending Barley to Red Planet to Make Outer Space Beer for Humans

Although humans have yet to set foot on Mars, Budweiser is already planning what astronauts will drink when they eventually do. In March, the company ... - Newsweek - 11 hours ago

NASA goes back to the middle ages for its rover tire design

The Mars Curiosity rover has been a big success, but NASA& s modern tech couldn& t save its tires from breaking down in the harsh conditions of Mars. ... - Engadget - 7 hours ago

An interstellar interloper is dashing through our solar system

Artist& s concept of interstellar asteroid 1I/2017 U1 & Oumuamua as it passed through the solar system after its discovery in October 2017. The aspe... - Spaceflight Now - 2 days ago

IceCube turns the planet into a giant neutrino detector

Enlarge / The IceCube facility sits at the South Pole above an array of photodetectors, drawn into the image above. IceCube Collaboration, U. Wisconsi... - Ars Technica - 11 hours ago

Race to Space: 5 Billionaires Who Might Find Life Outside Earth Before NASA

Earlier this week, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced at the New Space Age conference in Seattle his plans to sponsor a project to send spacesh... - Newsweek - 9 hours ago

NASA scientists pit humans against AI in high-speed drone racing

Drone racing is a sport that is demanding of pilots. The person flying the drone must be paying attention and have fast reflexes to avoid crashing int... - SlashGear - 15 hours ago

Whales Keep Their Skin Dewy Fresh With Summer Exfoliation Ritual

As a good dermatologist will tell you, proper exfoliation can be a crucial part of any skincare routine. There are innumerable brushes, cleansers and ... - Newsweek - a day ago

Flowing sand, not water, left 'dark streaks' on Mars

Granular flows—grains of sand and dust slipping downhill—may have caused the dark steaks on Mars, which had been considered evidence for flowing wat... - Futurity: Research News - 15 hours ago

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BLACK FRIDAY HAUL 2017!! Victo victoria secret

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