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Giant Hammerhead Worms Have Been Invading France for Decades

Heads up! Diversibipalium multilineatum is one of five invasive species of hammerhead flatworm to take up residence in France and French territories o... - Live Science - 3 hours ago

Replacements for GRACE gravity and climate satellites ready for launch

A pair of European-built, NASA-backed research satellites set for launch Tuesday from California will extend 15 years of global gravity field measurem... - Spaceflight Now - 3 hours ago

Astronomers discover the first interstellar immigrant nestled in Jupiter's orbit

Although the backward-orbiting asteroid initially came from another star system, it has since been poorly hiding out in Jupiter& s orbit. By Jake Pa... - Astronomy Magazine - a day ago

Humans Have Wiped Out 85 Percent Of Mammals On Earth, Study Says

CBS Local – Humans make up only a tiny minority of the life on Earth, however a new study claims people are responsible for wiping out more than half... - CBS Denver - 2 hours ago

Here's why there are so many coyotes and why they are spreading so fast

For eons, coyotes roamed what is now the western United States, with its wide-open plains. Then came European settlers, who cut down forests for farms... - - 2 hours ago

NASA's New Exoplanet Hunter Releases Incredible First Image

On the way to its final orbit around Earth, NASA& s planet-hunting Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite TESS has sailed by the moon and snapped its... - Gizmodo - 4 hours ago

NASA Sent This Box To ISS To Create Coldest Spot In The Universe

Using Lasers in Space NASA will Create Conditions that Facilitate the Coldest Temperature in the Known Universe to study quantum physics. The only wor... - I4U News - 8 hours ago

Here's Why Saturn's Inner Moons Are Shaped Like Ravioli and Potatoes

The odd shapes of Saturn& s inner moons, which resemble objects ranging from ravioli to potatoes, may be due to mergers of tiny moonlets, a new study ... - - 9 hours ago

The elusive Planet Nine might be responsible for this asteroid's bizarre orbit

For a few years now, the astronomy world has been hard at work searching for a ninth planet of the solar system no, not Pluto, it& s time to move on ... - Popular Science - 5 hours ago

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Spectacular (and Weird) in This Juno Photo

A gorgeous photo by NASA& s Juno spacecraft shows Jupiter as you& ve probably never seen it before. This new perspective of Jupiter from the south m... - - 4 hours ago

Sally Ride's stamp: The story of an astronaut's philatelic portrait

Sally Ride did not know it at the time, there is no way she could have, but a photo that she autographed 35 years ago provided the inspiration for her... - - 2 hours ago

Antares rocket launch kicks off space station's next commercial cargo delivery

Orbital ATK& s Antares rocket lifts off from pad 0A at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia. Credit: Alex Polimeni/Spacefli... - Spaceflight Now - 15 hours ago

Should we go to Venus instead of Mars?

Image credit: Institute of Space and Astronautical Science/JAXA. Why always Mars? The hot topic in planetary exploration is when and how we& ll put hu... - TechRadar - 3 hours ago

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