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Egypt attack: President Sisi pledges forceful response

Egypt& s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has vowed to respond with the utmost force after 235 people were killed at a North Sinai mosque during Fri... - BBC News - 4 hours ago

The Latest: Time magazine says Trump's got it wrong

PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Latest on President Donald Trump all times local :. 9 p.m.. Time magazine is disputing President Donald Trump& s account of ho... - Washington Post - 2 hours ago

Mueller might be the one who's 'draining the swamp'

President Trump famously promised that, if elected president, he would drain the swamp — upending the culture in Washington that favors the well-con... - Washington Post - 6 hours ago

President Trump's earliest appearance in Panama Papers revealed

President Trump& s company was involved in a business deal with a mysterious Panamanian company called Process Consultants, Inc. in the early 1990s. ... - New York Daily News - an hour ago

Tillerson's senior team planning to skip Ivanka Trump's India trip

CNN Days ahead of what should be a major moment for Ivanka Trump on the world stage, CNN has learned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn& t sending ... - CNN - 8 hours ago

US officials puzzled by lack of North Korean missile tests

CNN US defense and intelligence officials are growing increasingly puzzled why Kim Jong Un has not tested a ballistic missile in nearly two months. A... - CNN - 5 hours ago

Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.

A Texas woman has been accused of mailing homemade explosives to President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott R that could have maimed or kille... - Washington Post - a day ago

Trump speaks with Erdogan about crisis in Syria

President Donald Trump and his Turkish counterpart on Friday discussed by phone the crisis in Syria and other issues, including ties between the Unite... - Politico - 6 hours ago

Tillerson will not send high-ranking delegation to India with Ivanka Trump: report

Ivanka Trump, President Trump& s eldest daughter and senior adviser, will not be accompanied by any high-level State Department officials when she tra... - The Hill - 6 hours ago

Who Will Be The Next President? Here Are 6 Women Who Haven't Been Accused Of Rape

As women continue to come forward in a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct against public figures, the lopsided gender demographics in politics h... - Gears Of Biz - a day ago

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

The GOP has yet to resolve an internal clash over whether expiring tax cuts will really expire, potentially threatening the party& s push for a desper... - Politico - 15 hours ago

Al Franken still hasn't denied grabbing women

Sen. Al Franken D-Minn. has waded into the murky waters of trying to apologize for inappropriately touching women — while asserting that he didn& t ... - Washington Post - 10 hours ago

Trump's Thanksgiving spread reveals a key difference between his administration and Obama's

Trump Thanksgiving President Donald Trump spent part of Thanksgiving Day with members of the US Coast Guard. AP Photo/Alex Brandon. President Donald T... - Business Insider - 12 hours ago

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Trump Disses TIME on “Man (Per person of the year

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Miami vs. Pittsburgh Football  miami hurricanes Miami vs. Pittsburgh Football Highlights (2017) - Miami vs. Pittsburgh: The Panthers knock...

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BLACK FRIDAY HAUL 2017!! Victo victoria secret

victoria secret

BLACK FRIDAY HAUL 2017!! Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 & More!!

Trump Disses TIME on “Man (Per person of the year

person of the year

Trump Disses TIME on “Man (Person) of the Year” Award – Won’t Sit for Photo Shoot

Miami vs. Pittsburgh Football  miami hurricanes

miami hurricanes

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