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Andrew McCabe, Trump's foil at the FBI, is fired hours before he could retire

Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, a little more than 24 hours before McCabe was set to ... - Washington Post - 6 hours ago

Trump's Lawyers Claim Stormy Daniels Violated Confidentiality Agreement at Least 20 Times

President Trump, weighing in directly on the Stephanie Clifford case for the first time, claimed in court papers filed by his lawyers on Friday that t... - New York Times - 8 hours ago

Kelly tells White House staff no more personnel changes coming

Chief of staff John Kelly · John Francis KellyMORE briefed White House staff on Friday to reassure them that there will be no more dismissals a... - The Hill - 14 hours ago

Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Class During Gun Control Walkout

A Hilliard, Ohio, senior was suspended for refusing to leave the classroom while the March 14 gun control walkout occurred. The student, Jacob Shoemak... - Breitbart News - 17 hours ago

Facebook bans Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica

Facebook is suspending Cambridge Analytica, a data-analysis firm that worked for the Trump campaign, while it investigates whether the company held on... - Washington Post - 4 hours ago

Adrian Lamo, former hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning, dead at 37

Adrian Lamo, the former hacker who reported Chelsea Manning to US authorities for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records... - Ars Technica - 10 hours ago

Republicans in Congress Don't See a Broader Lesson in Pennsylvania Special Election

In the bleak aftermath of Pennsylvania& s special congressional race the day before, Republicans on Capitol Hill spent Wednesday grumbling about Rick ... - TIME - 2 days ago

Vanessa Trump Hires Criminal Attorney After Don Jr. Split. Could She Be Drawn Into Russia Probe?

Vanessa Trump has reportedly hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her in her divorce from Donald Trump Jr., a surprising choice that sparked... - - 11 hours ago

DeAndre Harris, Beaten by White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Is Found Not Guilty of Assault

DeAndre Harris, a black man who was brutally beaten at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year, was acquitted of assault related ... - New York Times - 12 hours ago

Rumored site of $55M in Civil War-era gold draws FBI's attention, reports say

Was a gold shipment intended for Civil War soldiers lost or hidden in Pennsylvania in 1863? The FBI and state officials are reportedly trying to find ... - Fox News - 5 hours ago

'Tough, unfailingly gracious, and unrelenting': Tributes to Louise M. Slaughter come from both sides of the aisle

Republicans and Democrats praised Rep. Louise M. Slaughter D-N.Y. as a trailblazer and a dynamic leader after she died early Friday of injuries from... - Washington Post - 16 hours ago

Maine state candidate who called Parkland student 'skinhead lesbian' drops out of race

A Republican running for the Maine state legislature is dropping out of the race following criticism for calling one of the survivors of last month& s... - The Hill - 12 hours ago

How Trump Has Split With His Administration on Russian Meddling

WASHINGTON — President Trump has long avoided blaming — or even naming — Russia for meddling in the 2016 election that put him in office. But his admi... - New York Times - 14 hours ago

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Things that turn green on St.  st  patrick's day

tony bennett

Tony Bennett interview shows t tony bennett

ESPN_ReceDavis ESPN_ReceDavis - Tony Bennett interview shows this guy is pure class. Not at all surprised.

OldTakesExposed OldTakesExposed - Bobby Hurley: Hold my Beer Sean Miller: Hold my Beer Tony Bennett: Hold my Beer

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avengers infinity war

The final trailer for Avengers avengers infinity war

The final trailer for Avengers avengers infinity war   The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here We& re just a few weeks away from th

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infi avengers infinity war Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - In theaters April 27. Get your tickets now: http...

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andrew mccabe

Andrew McCabe, a Target of Tru andrew mccabe   Andrew McCabe, a Target of Trump's FBI Scorn, Is Fired Over Candor Questions WASHINGTON —

Katrina Pierson on the firing  andrew mccabe Katrina Pierson on the firing of Andrew McCabe - Trump 2020 campaign adviser Katrina Piers...

realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump - Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great d

dbongino dbongino - Andrew McCabe was part of the FBI leadership team that made some of the most destructive d

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Things that turn green on St.  st  patrick's day

st patrick's day

Things that turn green on St. Patrick's Day

Tony Bennett interview shows t tony bennett

tony bennett

Tony Bennett interview shows this guy is pure class Not at all surprised

The final trailer for Avengers avengers infinity war

avengers infinity war

The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here


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