newtgingrich: Piers Morgan Trump keeps his promises Lib media hate it

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newtgingrich newtgingrich

Piers Morgan: Trump keeps his promises. Lib media hate it - 19 hours ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

The imbalance in the Justice Department's entire process between the Clinton investigation and the way they've gone… - 3 hours ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

.@realDonaldTrump move on open skies lets gulf carriers know they can’t keep illegally subsidizing their airlines a… - 3 hours ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

Tax Bill Is Christmas Present Americans Have Been Waiting For - 3 hours ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

Republicans need a new strategy after last night's loss in Alabama. Here's where they should start:… - an hour ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

Sarah Sanders did a great job today. She mastered both the facts and the reporters. Very impressive! - 2 days ago View More

RepSwalwell RepSwalwell

This lunatic got an audience with @realDonaldTrump to convince him to fire Mueller. She and so many others (… - 3 days ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

The difference between Hillary Clinton's unsworn testimony last year and the ruthless approach against General Flynn is astonishing. - 9 days ago View More

brianstelter brianstelter

👇 This is what Newt said in May. Last night, on Fox, he said "Mueller is corrupt. The senior FBI is corrupt. The sy… - 6 days ago View More

newtgingrich newtgingrich

The swamp is even more corrupt than we thought -- and if Hillary had been our president, she would've continued to… - 8 days ago View More

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