patriots: Without @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter account and patriots like @seanhannity Hillary would be president today Than…

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Without @realDonaldTrump’s Twi patriots

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SebGorka SebGorka

Without @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter account and patriots like @seanhannity, Hillary would be president today. Than… - 9 hours ago View More

funder funder

.@realDonaldTrump-Wanted to let you know #TrumpColluded is trending again thanks to the American patriots in… - 2 days ago View More

CarmineSabia CarmineSabia

Conservatives were hit hard by #TwitterLockout. Fight back. Follow me @CarmineSabia and these patriots. We are gonn… - a day ago View More

Patriots Patriots

TB12 is the top selling jersey in New England, but the other 4 states might surprise you: - 2 days ago View More

MasonMBB MasonMBB MasonMBB patriots

IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONIONS! The Patriots WIN at the horn, AGAIN!!! - 10 hours ago View More

Patriots Patriots Patriots patriots

Catches in the clutch & some big time playoff performances. Best 2017 📷s of @DannyAmendola: - 21 hours ago View More

JoeGiglioSports JoeGiglioSports

State of Philly sports since Super Bowl Sunday: -Eagles 41, Patriots 33 -Sixers: 5-0 -Flyers: 7-0-1 -Phillies:… - a day ago View More

behindyourback behindyourback

the #TwitterLockOut is CENSORSHIP, all MAGA patriots should totally quit all social media to own the libs! - a day ago View More

ericgarland ericgarland

So prepare to learn a lot in the coming months and years. It will be overwhelming. And yet, thanks to great leaders… - 15 hours ago View More

BenVolin BenVolin

The Patriots ride Butler for three years .... then bench him in the Super Bowl - 19 hours ago View More

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