democrats america: Democrats have shown zero interest in funding America’s priorities They’re holding funding for our troops and heal…

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democrats america

Democrats have shown zero inte democrats    america

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GOPChairwoman GOPChairwoman

Democrats have shown zero interest in funding America’s priorities. They’re holding funding for our troops and heal… - 17 hours ago View More

NancyPelosi NancyPelosi

The last year has seen countless attacks on the rights of America’s women. Rest assured, Democrats remain committed… - 13 hours ago View More

funder funder

Democrats want DREAMers to stay in America for good. We also want children & pregnant women to keep receiving healt… - 5 hours ago View More

SenatorLeahy SenatorLeahy

It is the Majority’s responsibility to produce a bill to send to the President. If they can’t get 60 votes because… - 11 hours ago View More

mitchellvii mitchellvii

The Democrats fatal error is that they believe they are right and that America agrees with their progressive vision… - a day ago View More

chuckwoolery chuckwoolery

If you listen or even believe that America is a White Privilege country only, and Democrats tell us that daily, why… - 5 hours ago View More

CharlieDaniels CharlieDaniels

Fallacy- the democrats keep telling the minorities that the republicans are the cause of their not being able to ge… - 2 days ago View More

SenateMajLdr SenateMajLdr

America’s children need our support. Not a government shut down by #Senate Democrats. - 2 days ago View More

Yamiche Yamiche

Re-reading the White House statement and I’m struck by how much it sounds like President Trump wrote it. It calls D… - 3 hours ago View More

Kanew Kanew

To Recap: The president asked for a bipartisan immigration deal to sign on live TV, got it hours later, changed his… - 6 hours ago View More

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