bagley: Bulls are young talented Scouts execs tell me Carter Jr 19 is better than Bagley Dunn 24 was pretty good l…

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Bulls are young talented  Scou bagley

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Schultz_Report Schultz_Report

#Bulls are young/talented. Scouts/execs tell me Carter, Jr. (19) is better than Bagley. Dunn (24) was pretty good l… - 17 hours ago View More

nicholas_bagley nicholas_bagley

From the @washingtonpost editorial page, Trump's latest move on Obamacare sabotage. - 2 days ago View More

MaxOnTwitter MaxOnTwitter

Christian “Rich Man’s Marvin Bagley” Wood - 2 days ago View More

SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter bagley

Josh Jackson just welcomed Marvin Bagley to the league 😳#SCtop10 - 9 days ago View More

gwiss gwiss gwiss bagley

“Bagley can play small forward” - 19 hours ago View More

BleacherReport BleacherReport BleacherReport bagley

Josh Jackson with the block AND staredown on Marvin Bagley 😳 (via @NBATV) - 9 days ago View More


Josh Jackson welcomes Marvin Bagley to the league. 👀 (via @NBATV) - 9 days ago View More

CitizenCohn CitizenCohn

"I don’t buy it. Neither should you." -- @nicholas_bagley on the Trump administration's explanation for what looks… - 7 days ago View More

NBA NBA NBA bagley

Marvin Bagley gave a preview of what's to come in #NBASummer action! #KickstartRisingStars - 6 days ago View More

NateDuncanNBA NateDuncanNBA

Carter is so much better than Bagley right now it's ridiculous. - 8 days ago View More

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