kdtrey5: NBAKicks for @KingJames @KDTrey5 amp @Yg Trece at NBAAllStar practice!

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NBAKicks for @KingJames  @KDTr kdtrey5

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#NBAKicks for @KingJames, @KDTrey5 & @Yg_Trece at #NBAAllStar practice! - a day ago View More

RealBillRussell RealBillRussell

Proud of @KingJames & @KDTrey5 for speaking truth against racism ! I have never & would never #ShutUpAndDribble T… - 12 hours ago View More


😂😂😂 no why I meant it for real Lowkey @KDTrey5 - 9 minutes ago View More


“You see what I get for taking him number one! I get harassed by taking him number one in my draft…” @KingJames jo… - a day ago View More


.@StephenCurry30 is hoping to give @KDTrey5 a little extra motivation! 😂 #NBAAllStar - 11 hours ago View More


“They are the epitome of what it means to live in the shadow of Bill Russell… When they stand up, I stand with them… - 6 hours ago View More

larryelder larryelder

“[Trump] really don’t give a f--k about the people.” -@KingJames "Our team, as a country, is not ran [sic] by a g… - a day ago View More

Genius Genius Genius kdtrey5

never forget when @kdtrey5 flowed on "what you need" while in the studio with @daveeast 👀 - 5 hours ago View More

CariChampion CariChampion

How do you handle criticism? @KingJames and @KDTrey5 answer in this episode of #RollingWithTheChampion. For more.… - 18 hours ago View More

thecheckdown thecheckdown thecheckdown kdtrey5

.@OBJ_3: “KD, you ain’t text me back yesterday” 😂 @KDTrey5 (via @RajaThat_) - 30 minutes ago View More

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