6: America's top selling K pop songs for wk of 2 17 2018 per @Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart 1 Mic Dro…

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Jeff__Benjamin Jeff__Benjamin

America's top-selling K-pop songs for wk of 2/17/2018, per @Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart: 1. Mic Dro… - 18 hours ago View More

MartinPakulaMP MartinPakulaMP

My mum arrived here as a 6 year old. No English. Ended up being a school teacher for decades. Dad was born here but… - 2 days ago View More

SpaceX SpaceX

Falcon 9 and PAZ are vertical on Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Weather is 90%… - a day ago View More

bhogleharsha bhogleharsha

Back foot over cover for 6! Off a fast bowler! Shot of the day from Dhoni. Guess last over is his territory!! - 6 hours ago View More

TaikaWaititi TaikaWaititi

Okayyyyy... The Thor: Ragnarok digital release is Feb 20, Blu-ray March 6, and through Retinal Injection Surgery in… - 19 hours ago View More

SpaceX SpaceX

Standing down today due to strong upper level winds. Now targeting launch of PAZ for February 22 at 6:17 a.m. PST f… - 9 hours ago View More

OptaJoe OptaJoe

6 - The six players with the most Champions League goals versus English teams: Lionel Messi - 18 Cristiano Ronaldo… - a day ago View More

KimKardashian KimKardashian

YEEZY SEASON 6 TIMES SQUARE BABY!!!!!! - a day ago View More

PeterStefanovi2 PeterStefanovi2

The High Court just forced the Gov’t to reconsider 1.6 Million disability claims, found 3 of its flagship welfare p… - a day ago View More

Jeff__Benjamin Jeff__Benjamin

1. BTS, Love Yourself: Her (15 Weeks at No. 1) 2. Seventeen, Director's Cut (Debut) 3. EXO, Countdown (+2) 4. Red V… - 2 days ago View More

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